LP Brezny Answers Questions About Metro Gun

LP Brezny with Metro Gun

Below you will find several questions about the Metro Gun System and the answers given by the developer LP brezny.

Question: Can Metro Gun Shoot all types of shotshell ammunition?

Answer: Yes, as long it it meets SAMMI American industry standards, or is a published handload.

Question: Will Metro Gun come with choke tubes?

Answer: No, because you use your existing choke tubes with the Metro Gun System.

Question: Can Metro Gun shoot slugs?

Answer: Yes it can shoot all standard slugs that are used in both rifled and smooth bore firearms. Be sure to use the IC choke tube or a rifled choke tube when shooting slugs, however.

Question: Is Metro Gun built for any other shotgun gauges?

Answer: There is only one Metro Gun Barrel System, but now there is an adapter so that you can use the Metro Gun with your 20 Guage shotgun.

Question: Is Metro Gun Safe?

Answer: The Metro Gun System is made from steel that comes from one of only two places in the world that sell the special material that goes into the system. This system is a very strong, one-piece construction and is dead-on accurate in terms of proper bore alignment.

Question: Is Metro Gun legal?

Answer: Yes, the US Government agency, USDA, uses the Metro Gun System for nuisance pest-control as do several other agencies. This gun system has been cleared by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and is not considered to be a silencer.

Question: How quiet is the system?

Answer: 72 Db, or about as loud as a car door closing, or two people talking at a range of about 150 feet. (Just above the level of a silencer.)

Click here for a list of decibel levels for comparison purposes.

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