Ammunition Available For The Metro Gun Systems™

We invite you to check with Metro Gun Systems for all current ammunition offerings and prices by contacting Metro Gun Systems™ at 605-787-6321 or 605-431 0474. Or you can e-mail Our inventory of custom loads is constantly being updated.

New Ammunition for Metro Gun

After trying to find a solution to non-toxic Metro loads we have now worked out a system with Polywad, Inc., the custom shotshell manufacturer for a 3” 1 3/8 oz. plated BB steel shot load at 950 f.p.s.

This is going to be our standard for a steel shot no-tox offering currently and into the future. This load is not a budget deal. Metro Gun non-toxic ammunition is the only factory-produced product in the world to date, and as such comes under very custom manufacturing controls.

Offered in 10-packs the total cost for anything under a full case of 20 boxes is $28.50 per 10 pack. This price includes shipping. Full case is $25.00 per 10-pack, but shipping is an additional $24.00.

Currently ground shipping for ammunition in small quantities is over $200.00! This I can't do anything about and as for the loads they are brought together from several sources and the total production cost comes high.

Non-toxic Sub-sonic Ammunition

Waterfowl hunters searching for sub-sonic tungsten based shot loads will have an option to shoot Metro Gun Multi-Mix Subsonic in a 2 3/4” 12 gauge 1 1/ 8 oz load.

These loads are designed for 40 yard multi-target shooting which includes both ducks and geese in a sub-sound setting. Multi-Mix loads contain soft tungsten from pellet size #3 though BB and are workable for close range waterfowl shooting over decoys with the Metro Gun System™. Current pricing is at $18.50 per 10-round pack. Ammunition will be available until supplies are exhausted. The Multi-Mix ammunition will be custom loaded by Polywad Inc, and as such maintain a very high grade of quality control.

Order by contacting Metro Gun Systems™ at 605-787-6321. Or e-mail

A variety of lo-noise, lo-recoil ammunition is available for the Metro Gun System from manufacturers like Federal, Winchester, and B & P. In addition, the hunter who is experienced in hand-loading can load his own sub-sonic ammunition.

The information below discusses different ammunition choices for the Metro gun

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Remington STS passes as a Metro Gun load choice and is available from your local gun dealer.

Federal Cartridge Metro Gun™ Factory Loads Field/Pattern Testing

In keeping with the development of a totally new concept in shot gunning, based on very low recoil and sound, Federal cartridge, ATK, of Anoka Minnesota has produced the very first shot shell ammunition designed for use in the Metro Gun System™. Because the Metro Gun™ extension requires low velocity ammunition, in the range of 850-900 f.p.s. to stay quiet and recoil free in the field, a factory load was very much in demand as more of the gunning systems came into use by sportsmen. While full loads do indeed produce less perceived report, the real deal in Metro Gun™ shooting is working with hand-loaded, reduced-velocity loads, or in this case, factory-built, smooth-bore fodder.

Federal designed the first factory load around a 2 ¾” general-purpose load that was tested extensively by Ballistic Research & Development, the designer of the Metro Gun System™. Using lower weights of fast shot shell powders, it was found that by burning the powder quickly and utilizing the Metro Gun™ “gas-burning” extension, a great deal of the excess noise and recoil was eliminated from the shooting equation. Federal took up the slower concept by harnessing one of their special factory powders to the task, and came up with several variants, one of which was the slowest, quietest, and most recoil-free of the lot. The load using 1 1/8 oz. payloads of 7 ½ shot has come to be known as the general-purpose 900 f.p.s. Metro Gun™ load.

Field Testing

Even after several months of test-tunnel ballistics testing at Federal Cartridge, and miles of paper generated ballistics, the real test of any shot shell being sub-sonic or a hot dog, fast mover is in the field. Fields gunning took place in several different locations in order to generate as much chance for adverse conditions, regarding performance as possible, given the time of year these tests were performed. The first testing took place in Argentina hunting with Alex and Zeke Hayes at their H&H Outfitters operation. Hunting dove by the millions in the hill country around Cordoba, Argentina produced ample targets to press early test loads by Federal into general field service. The results were outstanding as the loads dusted doves cleanly as far out as 45 and 50 yards at the sub-loaded velocities. These slow, quiet shot shells did their work without the muzzles blast and crack we associate with most 12 Ga. fodder. Guides observing the shooting called the new gun/load system the gun with “singing bullets”. In the hills, the echo of the muzzle blast dropped off so fast that the shot could be heard whistling through the air. It was indeed a very good observation, and singing bullets has stuck with the Metro Gun™ loads.

Federal Sub-Sonic

Right off it was observed that earplugs were not required when shooting the GP loads, and recoil was non-existent. With the backlash recoil of a .410 gauge the 12 bore simply soaked up what recoil there was through the extensive rows of gas-venting ports. Shooting stress was just not a part of the equation when gunning via the Metro Gun System™.

As a second test, the Metro Gun Federal loads were pressed to giant Canada geese at the St. Paul Pass in western Minnesota. These early geese came in numbers and flying hard, giving hunters the opportunity to shoot decoying 40-yard birds often during the three days of test shooting. Here the new Metro Gun™ 3” Tungsten/Iron shot loads were pressed to the big birds and, as was the case when shooting the lead 7 ½ GP loads, the sound was nothing more than a muffled thump followed by the slap of shot hitting the geese as they closed inside the 40-yard mark.

As a final test, the Metro Gun™ Tungsten/Iron loads were hauled into the big swamps of Louisiana and test-fired by the staff at The Lodge of Louisiana during a gator hunt. The Cajun guides got wide-eyed when the return thump of the sub-sound loads greeted their ears. With the first shot over the marsh, guide and gator/duck hunter Morgan Perrin Jr. exclaimed, “we got work for these guns and loads”! I think the Metro Gun System™ and Metro Gun™ loads have found a place in the big backwater swamps of southern Louisiana. Federal Cartridge has taken up the challenge to build these quiet sub-sonic loads. Using ATK Federal development ballistic engineering they have succeeded in pairing their special shot shells with the stealth Metro Gun System™.

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