MG .724 Orion - The New Direction in 12-Gauge Suppressors

Field Testing Metro .724 Orion From Tree Stand



The results sub sonic are obvious.Ground blind and suppressor hanging out the opening. Total stealth. Pattern on turkey head for estimated kill net. Note the open hole from the Orion and a sub sonic #71/2 lead shot load offered by Federal. (Top Gun Low Sound / Recoil)

The .724 Orion suppressor is now ready for commercial offering by my associates at West River Machining, Rapid City South Dakota. This is the first commercial, American-built 12 gauge functional shotgun suppressor design ever offered in this country.

Metro Gun has been building and selling the Metro Gun long barrel system for over 15 years, and many users of Metro Gun Systems have expressed an interest in turning to a much shorter, full suppresser gunning system. Now I have developed the .724 Orion to meet the needs of professionals and sportsmen in the field.

The .724 weighs just 2.6 lbs. and is 17 inches in length, with a circumference of 3 inches. Orion has a close-range Dead Ringer choke system, or a modification of the original that is classed as a payload control, and operation shock wave redirection systems. Testing both on warm targets and paper would suggest that this system has a delivery performance profile that exceeds patterns of 100% inside 30 yards, and 85% inside 40 yards. Slug loads need to be sub-sonic such as handloaded at 950 f.p.s., or custom sold through Metro Gun Systems.

.724 OrionThe .724 will function with full house factory loads, but it is best suited to the use of sub-sonic ammunition such as Federal ATK Top Gun Low Sound/Recoil, Winchester Lite Low Sound/Recoil, Remington STS low recoil, and B&P Low Sound. Other handloads in sub-sonic offerings can be applied to the system, as can special loads offered by Metrogun as available (buckshot non-toxic, slug loads, and varied fine bird shot offerings).

.724 is a non take down system that is designed to be emersed and cleaned with non-flammable solvents (brake cleaner, for example). The system will produce Db ratings of about 72% with low-velocity shotshell loads, and under 68% at 50 yards by sound measurement equipment. Be advised however that air density, temperature, ground cover, and location will also dictate perceived sound levels as well. Nothing in suppressed systems is constant.

Remington “Rem Choke" thread patterns.724’s are designed for Remington “Rem Choke" thread patterns only. Custom thread cuts for other brands can be produced, for an additional cost. This is a screw-on system and is installed exactly like a Remington “Rem Choke," attached to the muzzle of the shotgun.

Construction of the .724 Orion can be started by West River Machine by sending a deposit of $300.00 to Metro Gun direct, and at that point the required BTAF tax stamp process will be started, and your suppressor will be manufactured on a custom order basis. This is a full suppressor and will require the federal tax stamp and a background check by your local PD or Sheriffs department. The current price of the .724 Orion to the door of the customer is $ 800.00 retail. Dealers are welcome, and proof of your dealership will be required prior to discussing sales or marketing options.

The .724 Orion is not a mass-produced system and as such requires time for hand building each part and assembling the complete suppressor. In general the manufacturing time falls in line with the time required by BTAF to get the required stamp/permit to the manufacture rand subsequent buyer.

.724 Orion


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