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Dove Shooting In Housing Project

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Hunting Geese Near the City LimitsDisappearing Decoys

I am sure some of the readers of the Minneapolis paper laughed at my unorthodox method of hunting geese with the "disappearing" decoys. But, this year it is paying off. 

This field is basically all ours because we are literally a few feet beyond the city limit and legal distance from houses. Only the Quiet Shotgun is appropriate. The geese stopped using this sod field for three years due to our hunting. They have plenty of big lawns, golf courses and soccer fields to choose from within the city limits (plus many lakes and ponds). The have no need to come out of the "refuge". 

Hunting with the Metro Barrel

This morning was a blustery day and the geese were more active. Some mega-flocks came as expected. I pulled the rope and folded the decoys and we nonchalantly walked across the sod field to force them to go elsewhere. Later, two singles, a double and a triple showed up. We got 5 of them. I try to keep the shots to 40 yards, but sometimes we get too excited. F steel at 1000 fps. retains velocity quite well and we made some kills that were "rangy" even by high velocity standards


Active Goose Shooting and Dove Shoot in Texas



Suppressed 12-gauge hits in 2015 turkey season

Suppressed 12-gauge hits in 2015 turkey season

Texas Crow Patrol and a 200 Bird Day

Click for Larger ViewTexas Matt and I were joined by a young, albeit promising, rookie, Michael Johnson, during the morning hours. Michael got there late, left his lights on in his deluxe Toyota Tundra to scare the early morning crows, and committed other related offenses, including running out of ammo. On the plus side, he did shoot very well! He also wears excellent camo and stays hidden. That is critical to a successful crow hunt.

Da Facts:

Click for Larger ViewWe all used Metro barrel extensions exclusively with 870/BPS pumps and the Winchester Featherlite loads. All of these crows were shot from one stand. We had 140 by 9:40AM and 205 by Noonish. Clearly the Metro technology kept the crows in our AO and returning frequently to face our withering fire. The "Quiet Sting" really is great on these smart birds.

Click for Larger ViewWe used a variety of sounds from the wonderful FoxPro "Snow Crow Pro" Plus - primarily the Owl & Crow Fight, along with the Dying Crow, as recommended by T- Matt . This seldom used "Dying Crow" sound would get the various crow gangs in "Search and Rescue" mode for their fallen comrades around ground zero to re-engage and fly into the teeth of our AAA. Very effective!

For decoys we used 6 GHG - calling crows, 12 Carrylites, 2 "Wounded Woodpecker" Edge Expedites, painted flat black, and the FoxPro Jack-in-the-Box with their Owl Topper and a broken wing 3D Flapper Crow bungeed to its base.

Open Item:

Click for Larger View

We only have one question - Can we still talk and associate with other crow hunters who have never dropped 100 in a day? Skip??? L.P.??? Anyone???

Click here for more crow photos



Proud Metro Shooter


"Proud Metro Shooter"




Performance Profile: Subsonic Ammunition

For the most part sub-sonic twelve-gauge shot shells are not going to perform much differently than a standard-velocity load out to forty yards, because round balls don’t do well in flight anyway. The actual velocity lost between a 1175 f.p.s. clay target load at forty yards and the 850 f.p.s. sub-sonic Metro gun load is barely noticeable. Straight away or slight angling targets present no problem whatsoever, nor do incoming targets when waterfowl or crow hunting. As for side slipping right to left or a flip on that target some additional lead or forward allowance will be required (one or two feet).

Currently Winchester offers a Feather Double A 26 gram #8 low-noise and low-recoil load for the Metro Gun system. These loads are running about 900f.p.s., or slightly faster, and will produce a somewhat louder crack than a fully loaded 850f.p.s. shell that has been loaded by hand.

B&P, Baschieri & Pellagri, offer their Sub-Sound L-12 loads in a 7/8 oz. lead, or a 1 oz. lead shot package. B&P, again, run much like the Winchester Double A’s muzzle velocity, but reduce noise and recoil by better than fifty percent.

Polyshok Urban Tactical slugs are currently offered to law enforcement or DNR agencies for pest control or culling purposes. This sub-sonic load is designed to be used inside forty yards as all sub-sonics are, and is accurate in the Metro Gun System when a scope is applied to the gun/barrel/special Metro Gun System. Currently a special gunning system is under development by Hastings to cover this niche in the gunning tools market. Polyshok is loaded by Polywad Inc., of Macon GA, and is a very specialized product. Details can be obtained from their website at

When using sub-sonic loads, as in hand loads, move up in shot size, as you require more energy on larger game animals. Ducks, for example, can be taken with ease shooting 1 1/8 oz. of #4 Bismuth or #4 Hevi-shot, whereas, geese will require BB’s in Hevi-shot or Bismuth. These two products can be purchased on the hand loaders market today. Reloading Specialities, in Pine Island MN, or Ballistics Products, in the Metro area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, both carry these products. Other products are also in the development stages, such as high performance non-toxics. Keep watching for details.

Keep shots inside 40 yards and you will retain all the working ballistics you need to bring down game cleanly. Subsonics do come at a price, which is a reduction in range. However, be advised that the 12-gauge shotgun was designed from day one as a 40 yard tool and, you could say, little seems to have changed even with all the advertising regarding faster loads each year.

Turkey Hunting with the Metrogun® System

May 5, 2009


Just wanted to drop you a note about killing my first turkey with the metro gun system. I have shot turkeys before but this was the first with the metro gun. They were on the other side of this stone wall like 25 yards behind us in a field and I had to stand up and shoot to kill one. I dropped the one closest to us dead in his tracks using a primos tight wad choke in your system. Needless to say it smoked him. I hadn't tested shots out of the metro gun before going and this absolutely knocked him dead.

The thing about it was there was another bird with him. When I shot, the other bird jumped about 5 feet and just stood there like nothing happened. He didn't run away until I ran out there to go grab the dead one.

Also I had a question for you. I just came across a couple pounds of tungsten/iron #2 shot and was wondering if you had the load data to the federal 3" metro shells that used to be available? A friend of mine that has been using the metro system for years and still has a few boxes of those left and would like to try and duplicate them.

Thanks for your time and thanks again for the great system.


Letter from Metro User in Texas

Hi L. P.

We met you at the SHOT Show in early February and here are those photos I promised you for your site. I was the guy that presented you with the Texas Crow Patrol hat.

I have been singing the praises of your Metro Barrel out on CrowBusters and I hope uncovering some more customers for you.

You indicated you had some load data you could share so I can duplicate the Winchester FeatherLite load. I would like to receive that information, if possible.

Also note, I have sent a Browning Fusion up to SRM Performance (the SureCycle guys) to modify it to solely work with that load and your Metro barrel system. I am a lousy pump operator and think that changing my BPS out for an auto should improve my results.

I will probably be buying another Metro Barrel from you soon and I have a buddy who wants one too. It will be my third! What is the current direct price? I also just saw your new logo jacket & cap. I will have to purchase one of those soon, too.

Keep up the good writing in Varmint Hunters and your other magazines.

Bob Irving--


Letter from Metro User

Dear LP:

Crow season is starting very slow this year.The weather is all messed up. At my best place I didn't see a single crow!!! I went out near Riverton and found a spot where they were moving in and out. Total for the day was from 110 to 130; I lost count at about 100. The first 100 were with the Metro Gun system, but the gun got so hard to swing around after the first 100 that I had to take it off. They just don't recognize the sound when I use the " Metro". I had to up the loads a bit; the real light stuff just wasn't taking them at the different ranges. But even with the "upped" loads they still keep coming.

I used 16 gr of Clays and 1&1/8 oz of #6. They knocked them stiff and they will still work in my 1100. I am moving again so no crow hunting for a couple weeks.


Mike Rawlings


Letter from Metro User in Norway


It may interest you to know that your Metro Gun barrel extension has caught interest at the Norwegian hunting forum

Another user just found that Midway actually put them up in their Norwegian catalog, and is determined to try it even when their list price is 2784 NOK ($498)! They appear to have the Rem in stock, and the others for order.

In Norway, noise suppression is getting very popular among hunters. Gun laws are in many ways very strict, but on suppression it is sound (pun intended). However, avoiding the noise of shotguns has been considered impossible. It will be very interesting to see if the Metro system will catch on. An added complexity is that we have a ban on lead shot, but I see that you already have some lead-free factory ammo available (but probably they are not easily available here yet).

I do not have a shotgun myself yet, but plan to get one next year. Now it will have to be Metro Gun compatible! :) I was leaning towards a Beretta, and would like to ask you about the choke compatibility. It seems the Beretta compatible Metro Gun extension is the same as the one for Benelli (from Midway Norway catalog). Some research then tells me this must be what Beretta calls MC ("MobilChoke"). Does this mean the extension barrel will not fit the choke system called OC+ ("OptimaChoke Plus") which comes standard on most field models?

Have a Merry Xmas!




Yes, Beretta Benelli developed a second choke for the overbore guns and new models. We don't offer a Metro Gun System for that barrel, only the older system. I would stay with Remington if I were you as it is simple, standard choke thread, and always works well.

If you want a direct tube I can help you. Just send $209.00 US and any extended shipping. In general, I pay US shipping so about $11.00 US has been included in the price to cover that. All that would be additional is the extra funds to get the barrel across the pond.

L. P.

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