Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer Wad Stop Choke

Dead Ringer

Please Note: Dead Ringer chokes are out of production until 2013. If you are interested in one, call for pricing and get on the waiting list.

(Currently For Remington Shotguns Only)

For those hunters that want high performance results from low budget loads comes Dead Ringer by L.P.Brezny, gun writer, ballistics evaluator, and professional hunter. Dead Ringer is a wad stop choke system that makes use of a very unique wad velocity reduction design that will turn that lack luster low budget factory or handload ammo into a real tight patterning, hard hitting, payload delivery system.

Here is the deal. Go out and buy the cheep stuff. Screw in a Dead ringer choke tube and plaster a 40 yard sheet of paper then watch the results. You will see high end results from low end ammo. Keeping cost to a minimum.

Dead RingerDeveloped after almost 20 years of shooting and testing other wad stop systems on waterfowl, and upland / varmint targets, this design is the exclusive product of L.P.Brezny, and it was developed to meet the needs of hunters that want to buy budget ammunition in all shot sizes, but still retain the net effects of better grade high performance ammunition in the field. Where other wad stop systems tend to fall short with smaller size pellets, the Dead Ringer will shoot well with both large goose / coyote shot, and smaller duck shot.




Advanced Research Showing How the Choke Works

Hi-Speed PhotoDuring the winter of 2008, the Dead Ringer Choke Tube System was tested using an underground test tunnel at Polywad Macon Georgia. Polywad is the company that makes the Metrogun sub sonic “Quick Shok” deer slug system, and soon will be offering a new non-toxic sub-sonic waterfowl load. Using ultra high-speed cameras that took photos at 25000 frames per second, researchers were able to watch the Dead Ringer choke do something that waspreviously unknown about choke tube performance. In effect, the Dead Ringer “ring” choke design tends to crimp the leading edge of the plastic wad as it passes through the inner choke ring(see photos). When this event takes place, fine or course shot pellets are trapped for a very short period of time in the wad casing. This creates a soft slug of sorts and holds the whole payload mass together for a few milliseconds.

Conventional Wad SystemThis retention of the payload allows the wad to extend distance down range prior to releasing the payload of shot. As a result of this action, the patterns are tighter, and extend farther with more energy than a conventional wad system produces.

When field testing Dead ringer all through 2007-2008 I noticed that when other hunters had spent their rounds on birds that were going away, I was often able to reach those targets at far greater ranges than the shot sizes dictated. The slug/wad concept was at work, but I didn’t know it at the time.

Sea DucksSubsequent testing in real time, hunting sea ducks off the Pacific cost of Washington State this fall, gave further proof to this whole idea of an extended range pattern control system. A Sea scoter, which is a tough, fastmover in the sea duck family, could not escape this choke system even at extended range limits.

Dead ringer will improve your energy on target, give you better pattern control within the normal 30” circle, compared to the higher-priced or budget loads you may be using currently. Want to make your steel shot waterfowl loads shoot better? Shoot Dead Ringer Choke Tube Systems™.

Snow GeeseBuilt by Hastings Barrels out of Clay Center Kansas these custom choke tubes in Remington thread patterns are offered exclusively through L.P.Brezny at P.O.Box 529 Piedmont SD 57769 For more information contact L.P. at 605-787-6321 or email him at



Join the circle and shoot Dead Ringer.

---L.P. Brezny, Designer and Founder


Photos of the Dead Ringer in Action

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Dead Ringer was tested for a full year prior to being introduced to the shooting public.
Hunting western South Dakota produced many opportunities to get Dead Ringer up and on waterfowl targets.
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When geese are closing you want the best [usable payload control system possible Dead Ringer can deliver the product.
When geese are closing you want a pattern that is in total control.
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This load performed like a much higher priced product when sent down range by way of the Dead Ringer choke tube system.
A stretch shot with Dead Ringer is no problem all. The pellets will be working for you.
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Dead Ringer was applied to many different field conditions prior to leaving the prototype stage of development.
Payloads of shot contain spent gas that can run through the pattern. Note cloud behind the filler and wad material. Dead Ringer will stall out that gas and keep it clear of the shot payload.
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Note the effective high-percentage pattern at 40 yards.
Dead Ringer installed
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Dead Ringer test pattern
Dead Ringer BB steel 50 yards.
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Dead Ringer was used during animal control projects as a cross over choke for varmint work.
Brezny with harvested 52 lb beaver via tungsten shot and Dead Ringer. Dead Ringer can apply to many different shotgunning situations in the field. This is not your daddy's choke.
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Dead Ringer Logo
Dead Ringer tested during night hunting in western South Dakota.

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