Handloading Ammunition

Handloading Information

Pattern DataThe Metro Gun™ System works well with a variety of hand-loaded ammunition. See the specifications and data below for more information on loading your own ammo for use with your Metro Gun™ Barrel.

Handloaded Metro Gun™ System BR&D

  1. Heavy Goose
    • Federal 3" 12 Guage Hull
    • Federal 209-A Primer
    • 19 grs Alliant "Steel" Powder
    • 1 1/4 oz. T Steel or other type of heavy, non-toxic shot
    • 3" steel shot wad, or BP Pattern Driver
    • MV 983 fps
    • Pattern with Modified Choke: 89% @ 40 Yards

  2. Goose / Duck
    • 2 3/4" Federal 12 Gauge Hull
    • Federal 209-A Primer
    • 20 grs Herco Powder
    • 1 1/4 oz. T Steel(Goose) or BB Steel (Duck)
    • MV 869 fps
    • Pattern with Modified Choke: 91.8% @ 40 Yards

  3. New 20 Gauge Data (Use with Metro Gun 20 Gauge Adapter System)
    • Federal 3" 20 Gauge Hull
    • 209 Primer (Any)
    • 12 grs Hodgdon "Longshot" Powder
    • RS or any other steel shot wad
    • Felt under shot wad, as required for correct crimp
    • MV 887 fps
    • Pattern with Modified Choke: 88% @ 40 yards

IMPORTANT! All of these loads are reduced-powder charges that are enough to allow for changes in wad, shot type, and under shot wads to adjust for correct crimp levels.

DO NOT exceed these powder amounts as it will greatly increase sound, and pressure will become unstable.

Be sure you understand the principles of handloading before you attempt to reload any ammunition. Any deviation from these principles can result in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH!

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