Texas Dove Hunting

Texas Pigeon Hunting

High Noon at Rio Vista

TCP protecting pecans in Texas... eCalling by FOXPRO, ShotKam providing the HD video. Using a Browning Maxus with the Metro Barrel extension.

The Metro Gun System in Action


2100 Hunters have asked for it and now we are supplying a realistic video of the Metro Gun system in action. The shooter, Ivan out of central Texas, and his parter have been valued customers for many years now. Ivan stacks up kill rates that are pure nuts. Crow and "jone" birds are at the top of the list regarding warm targets. I have hunted many years for both of the birds and I can tell you shoot a single round of a standard 12 bore and everything clears the sky right now. The video your seeing is not fake in any way. This shooting session is a stock operation clean out hunt, and if you know anything about pigeons you know that at the first shot it is game over. There are a number of things you need to observe in this video.The following needs to be observed so as to gain an understanding as to how the Metro Gun System TM works.

First of all the ammunition used is Federal 1 1/ 8 oz # 7 1/2 Top Gun Low Sound, Low Recoil. I designed the load with Federal Cartridge engineers back about 14 years ago to be used with the Metro Gun barrel.

Secondly you will observe that swinging the Metro is not a big deal. In fac,t pass shooting considered, it keeps the barrel moving and lacking the "stop" mode, shooting behind the target is difficult. Just watch the gunners apply their kill here.

Thirdly note the sound. No blast at ( 72 Db), but a slight crack and dull thud. In effect the same as a full 12 bore suppressor selling for $1000.00 and change. The Metro choke suppressor does not require a BTAF tax fee. No $200.00 dollar tax stamp or paper work required, making for a six month waiting period with the feds either. I sell these systems in most choke thread patterns with a three day turn around.

Fourth: Observe the birds circling five times overhead in range. These birds are paying no attention to the shooting and falling targets. Try that with your standard shotgun and loads. Why is this working? Because the sound is not at all like a conventional shotgun report. These hunters have killed 100+ birds a day with ease when set up on stock operations, and dairy farms.

Metro Gun was established over 15 years ago and the several thousand of them now in service says yes to the systems effective sound, pattern, and recoil control.

Chiappa Tri barrel 12-Gauge

General Notice to Owners or Future Owners of Metro Gun Systems Barrels

Damaged BarrelRecently it has come to our attention that some Metro Gun shooters have experienced damage to the male threads that go into the primary barrel. This damage is caused by one of two things:

The shooter has not kept the Metro barrel tight when shooting. You need to check this often.

The shooter has damaged the threads even very slightly on at last one point at the open end of the male end of the tube. If there is any small amount of denting, the payload of shot will cut the thin edge of the barrel and cause the metal to split and peel back toward the muzzle.

Damaged BarrelA point of fact. We have test-shot Metro barrels for as many as 14 years with no issues at all. We watch the male threads and protect them with a plastic cap often removed from an old factory or aftermarket choke tube. I have included photos the type of damage I am referring to here. These Remington Rem Choke tubes were shot with the barrel loose in trap events. You can se the damage that occurs if the barrel is loose.

When the barrel is a Rem Choke system or Win/Browning Invictor, we can at times retain enough material to re-cut the barrel after the damage has occurred. If damaged, any and all barrels need to be checked for possible repair at Metro Gun. The cost of this service is $58.00 flat rate, and this will NOT include shipping. (Usually around $18.00 )

Check the info on the  MG .724 Orion 12 Gauge Suppressor

Click here for more information.

Hastings / Verney-Carron Shotgun Barrels are now available for Metro Gun! Click here for more information and a list of the new products!

Now Available, the American Raven American-Made Metro Gun Barrels. Click here for more information.

Crow Hunting Videos and Photos

Check out these videos and photos of crow hunting using the Metro Gun. Click here.

Update From Metro Gun

It has come to our attention that companies other then Metro Gun are about to begin selling sub-sonic barrels. I guess others have figured out just how good the system is. Please be advised that these are not being manufactured by Metro Gun and are not the original. As the developer and originator of the Metro Gun® no other company understands or can direct attention to the system better then we can. With 17 years in the business of keeping shotshell loads quiet and recoil free through load design and development we are the experts. We are very proud of the balistics research and development we have put into this product.

A down payment of $100.00 is required if a barrel is not in stock and requires a manufacturers order.

All payments for Metro Gun barrels need to be made by paper check. No exceptions. ( No plastic, no cash. )

Questions on ordering Call: Office 605-787-6321 or Cell # 605-431-0474

General Information

While our website addresses all of these topics in different sections, here is a quick check list that can help save time and solve your problems.

  • Metro Gun Barrels will shoot all factory and published handloads. Remember to use the correct choke tubes when using slugs however. ( IC )
  • All Metro Gun Barrels are the same regardless of manufacturers brand. 64 ports and three feet in length. ( Current production )
  • Metro Gun Barrels come in flat black bead blasted finish. No camo or special options. You can customize your barrel after you receive it.
  • Metro Gun barrels are no longer affiliated with Hastings. Hastings if no longer in business and our barrels are manufactured under our own brand.
  • Metro Gun Barrels are offered in 12 gauge only. No exceptions.
  • Metro Gun can supply all current Browning, Ruger, Remington. Winchester, Beretta and Binelli and others that fit these choke tube patterns. Consult your gunsmith for thread types and brands that will fit other guns or custom choke systems.
  • How loud is the Metro Gun system? About the same as the sound of a car door closing, 72 Db at 100 feet, when shooting sub sonic ammunition.
  • Current pricing for Metro Gun Barrels is $ 257.00 + $17.00 shipping. Price is subject to change if manufacturing costs change. This is an increase due to manufacturing costs going up, and shipping cost increases. We regret that we must increase prices but cost increases make it necessary. We will continue to offer the best product at the lowest possible price without compromising quality.

Thanks for your business!

L.P.Brezny, President

Metro Gun Systems®
P.O.Box 529
Piedmont SD 57769

What Is The Metro Gun System?

L. P. Brezny

The Metro Gun System was developed for shotgun shooting in areas or at times when noise was not a desirable effect. As a secondary effect, the Metro Gun System will reduce felt recoil by as much as 80%, and when used with special sub-sonic ammunition, developed by both Federal Cartridge and L.P.Brezny, eliminates the need for hearing protection. When fired, the Metro Gun extension, installed on a 12 gauge won't even set off hearing sound reduction equipment. The decibel readings are about 72db.


Shooters that use the Metro Gun System after over six years of sales include heart patients, shooters with old shoulder injures, and young shooters that don't care for high recoil or muzzle blast.

Other uses for the system include hunting in areas where noise is not desired, such as near homes or businesses that don't care for the loud blast of duck, turkey, and other game guns. Metro Guns areused by dairy farmers to control pest birds near cattle barns. Normal guns cause dairy cows to reduce milk production and cost farmers money.Nuisance Control The Metro System will not cause this problem due to the very low noise involved with the system.

USDA uses the system for airport pest control as do animal control professionals around the country when working in close urban environments. Even state game and fish agencies have taken to the gun system for both game and highway accident dispatch work.

Simply remove the shotgun's choke system and install the Metro Gun extension. Then, add the choke to the muzzle of the Metro Gun extension and you're all set to shoot. Fast, simple, and completely legal in all 50 states according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

20Ga Adapter

Metro Gun markets its own deer slugs that are very low recoil and separate into three separate projectiles upon contact with a warm target. Metro Gun can make use of all commercial shot shells that are low sound or low recoil and, thereby, reduce both noise and recoil significantly.

Added to the Metro Gun System for 2007 is the new 20 gauge reduction system that allows the 20 gauge Remington 870 to use a standard Metro Gun quiet shooting barrel extension.

Metro Gun is the" Quiet Sting" that works.

Click Here to see how the Metrogun System works.

---L.P. Brezny, Designer and Founder


Important Notice: Effective Immediately, all Metrogun barrels will be sold as "custom orders". A deposit of $100 will be required before construction of the barrel can begin.

Metro Gun System™