Major Metro Gun News!

Now Available, the American Raven American-Made Metro Gun Barrels.

Currently In 25” length with Remington Threads Only.

Click for larger ViewThe Raven is a solid machined-steel barrel made from one piece of tube barrel stock that is 25 inches long with a Remington choke tube system. Testing has indicated that this barrel shoots a 93% pattern inside 35 yards with no choke. However, production Ravens will have Remington choke threads installed. The reason for this choke behavior is that all the burning gas will bleed off the system well in advance of the payloads release. Without the burning muzzle gas the payload gets a free ride down range in one well-positioned unit. The end result is a very uniform pattern.

Click for Larger ViewIn terms of sound levels, the Raven 25 is slightly louder then the French full-length barrel, but retains great handling characteristics. Decibel levels for a full-length French barrel are 72 Db and the Raven will run about 74 DB with no noticeable recoil difference and very low sound levels beyond 100 feet. Running a sound test in the mountains using my golden retriever that can’t stand the sound of rain drops produced no reaction when shot 150 feet beyond the house in the light timber. That’s good enough for me, so we are going forward with the new and improved Raven version of Metro Gun.

Click for larger ViewWhen developing the Metro Gun system, I shot the 25” model for about three years extensively against both fur and flying targets. It was very effective in the field and easy to carry around as compared to the full-sized system as well as other prototype systems being tested at up to five feet in length. Personally, I am pleased to see the Raven 25” model come back. I have shot mine now for a total of 14 years and it is a fine system overall.

Price: Currently $240.00 delivered. Machined ordnance steel and one piece construction.

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions.


Also coming soon:

USA-Made Falcon 34” model and Sparrow 14”

The American Falcon, like the Raven, is machined right here in the USA by gunsmith-level machinists. It is 32 inches long, which is close to the same length as the previous French made Metro Gun barrels.

These barrels are replacing the French barrels, as it is becoming more difficult to acquire the material for the French-made barrels. Currently we are offering Remington thread pattern only. Sorry no exceptions.

Falcon Price: $ 240.00

The Sparrow 14” model is an ultra-short barrel with a single set of ports that when used with a 26 to 30-inch barrel is acceptable in terms of sound level emitted. The Sparrow is best used by a shooter who wants a compact system suitable for police work, dispatching roadside critters, or animal control officers who are working at close range inside urban areas at night. We are sure you can also find other applications. The Decibel level is again increased to about Db 80, or comparable to a 22 rimfire rifle with an added thud. While testing the Sparrow I found that at the ranch house, which is about 200 yards down wind of the range, the lady of the house did not know we had started the live fire testing until we came to the house and informed her we were finished. I’m not suggesting that the Sparrow 14” is massively quiet, but it is significantly less than a normal 12-gauge report.

Sparrow Price: $ 210.00

Call 605-787-6321 for ordering or additional information on the new USA Metrogun TM barrel designs. Please note: Barrels are custom built right here in the USA and as such must be pre ordered with a $100.00 down payment.

Price list:

French Metro Gun $ 225.00

USA Falcon 34 $ 240.00

USA Raven 25 $ 240.00

USA Sparrow 14 $ 210.00

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